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Eastern Daily Press

Norwich firm creating world's first ocean agriculture system

‘Ending world hunger, achieving food security and improved nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture’ is the U...

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PR Newswire

ALORA creates salt-tolerant rice plants, rebrands to expand scope, and receives investment from Toyota Ventures and Mistletoe

ALORA, a pioneer in developing ocean agriculture to create a more sustainable future, today unveiled its new company...

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ISAAA: Gene-edited Rice May Grow in the Ocean

A Canadian startup Alora used CRISPR technology to produce salt-tolerant rice that will allow the crop to grow in the...

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Seed World

SeedWorld: Companies to Watch: From the Start-Up Arena at World Agri-Tech

Here are some of the World Agri-Tech start-ups that caught our eye. In addition to an extensive line-up of presentati...

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AgFunder News

AgFunder News: ALORA reactivates dormant genes to unlock ‘best performing salt-tolerant rice plant in the world’

Rice is a staple crop for more than half the world’s population. It’s also highly sensitive to soil salinity, a growi...

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FreeThink: "These farmers want to salt the earth — and grow crops in it"

As salt encroaches on productive agricultural land, a handful of startups are finding ways to make crops grow in seaw...

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ThriveGlobal: "Social Impact Heros Helping Our Planet: Why & How Luke Young of Agrisea Is Helping To Change Our World"

Luke Young is the CEO and co-founder of Agrisea — an ocean agriculture company that works to solve world hunger by de...

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Authority Magazine

AuthorityMagazine: "Social Impact Heros Helping Our Planet: Why & How Luke Young of Agrisea Is Helping To Change Our World"

‘Trust your own vision — experience doesn’t mean they have a better vision, just better methods to get there. If you ...

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FeNews: "Durham University announces new £500,000 Hazan Venture Lab, developing entrepreneurs to help solve key problems for business and society"

Durham University (@durham_uni) has today announced the opening of a brand-new state-of-the-art facility, designed to...

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Wired UK

Wired Magazine

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Waterloo Innovation Summit

Agrisea @ Waterloo Innovation Summit 2020

On the 30th November 2020 we were invited to present at the Waterloo Innovation Summit. As a member of Velocity Incubato

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Forbes: "Five Ways The Biden-Harris Victory Could Mean A Global Ocean Renaissance"

The outcome of the U.S. Presidential Election has huge significance for the the health of the planet, including one o...

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IndieBio DemoDay

Agrisea - IndieBio Demo Day 9

Check it out Luke Young our CEO at IndieBio Demo Day 9 Feb 6th, 2020 at Herbst Theater San Francisco, California........

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Forbes: "You May Find Salt-Tolerant Rice Growing In The Ocean By 2021"

Growing rice in the ocean sounds a little whacky, but ocean agriculture is an emerging form of food production that c...

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The Spoon

The Spoon: "Agrisea is Developing Ocean Farms to Grow Rice using Saltwater"

Over two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. However, only 2.5 percent of that is fresh water, and...

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Wired UK

Wired:"The race is on to grow crops in seawater and feed millions"

With the quality of arable land declining and seawater encroaching on fertile cropland, researchers are trying to fin...

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Forbes: "Ocean Crops: Is This The Next Frontier For Agriculture?"

The food and agriculture industry is undergoing a radical transformation around the world. Covid-19 has accelerated d...

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E27: "Hunger for no hunger: How Agrisea grows rice in the ocean to address food scarcity"

Agrisea was initially built to solve the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2, No Hunger. In 2018, when we started our p...

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GreenQueen: "Agrisea Grows Rice In Ocean Farms To Fight Food Insecurity & Have Just Launched In Asia"

California-based Agrisea is focused on developing oceanic salt-tolerant crops in order to fight hunger and improve th...

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riceToday: "A new wave of rice farming"

For plant geneticist Luke Young and biologist Rory Hornby, the solution to the world’s food security is an audacious con

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Where Are We

The locations that Alora and our global partners are working in around the world.

Alora was launched to success in San Francisco, California, through the IndieBio program. While we operate our research in Canada we still maintain a presence in the innovation hub of San Francisco.
Alora is partnering with a leading seed distributor in Vietnam to restore growth to the salt-stricken Mekong Delta by creating salt-tolerant versions of popular local rice varieties. Approximately, 1.3 million hectares are salt-affected and drastically reducing yields, with Alora’s salt-tolerance technology these Vietnamese farms will be able to grow at 100% capacity with the same great taste.
Singapore is fast-becoming Alora’s SE Asian hub. In early 2022, we will launch our Ocean Pilot Program in collaboration with the National Marine Laboratory, Audacity, and the National University of Singapore. We will use this great opportunity to learn how our pilot farms interact with the local ecosystem and make changes as needed before launching our scale farm.
Kenya’s fertile coastline presents an incredibly opportunity to provide safe, reliable food for the local population. Working with a local company, Alora will run an ocean pilot on the coastline of Kenya in 2023, if successful this is expected to scale to a 300 hectare farm the following year.
Nestled in Kitchener, Ontario, is Alora’s research lab and HQ, here we design, build, and test our three core technologies while imagining the best ways to make sustainable agriculture a reality. Equipped with a generous laboratory, innovative 3D-printing suite, and a collaborative space, Alora and our team build ocean agriculture.
Bangladesh, and especially the Sundarbans, have been on Alora’s aims since the very early days of inception. Here we are working with local farmers and seed distributors to introduce the ocean agriculture infrastructure after the completion of the Singaporean Pilot.
In partnership with the Blue Action Lab, Alora is considering establishing a research site on Grand Bahama island. Ocean agriculture provides a unique opportunity for island food production and we are so excited to explore connecting island nations with a sustainable crop source.

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