About the company

Alora is company dedicated to solving world hunger. Rory and Luke, our co-founders, often dream of the future and the many paths it could take.

After 6 months of honing the foundations of Alora, under our former name Agrisea, we moved our research operations to Velocity, Canada. Here we focused on developing oceanic salt-tolerant rice, our marine farms, and a stealth bacterial technology with the target of launching our first ocean farm plot in Singapore 2022.

Together, they realised that agriculture was suffering, with limited resources and a clear determination they set to work on imagining what a sustainable future would look like for our world. As such Alora was born.
Set with a clear vision they built the first design and earned a place on the world-renowned accelerator, IndieBio, in San Francisco.

Meet our team

Luke Young

CEO and Co-Founder

Rory Hornby

CSO and Co-Founder

Alex Morrison

Marine Engineer

Jessa Adloc

Biological Assistant

Milan Rosen

Environmental Assistant

Work With Us

Plant Scientist

Plant Scientist

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Sep 13

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