We are seeking a talented and inspired Field Technician to become a key member of Alora’s team. As we embark on a mission to create a truly sustainable agriculture system the successful candidate will hold a pivotal role within Alora, developing the world’s first oceanic rice plants.

For this position, Alora is seeking someone who can perform and operate multiple glasshouse trials within their daily role. This could involve repotting and transferring regenerated plantlets from the lab into glasshouses. Measuring and recording environmental and growth data. Working with new varieties of rice or other crops, investigating the impact of salt on multiple batches of transformed plants this is a diverse and exciting opportunity to bridge the gap between lab and field. A keen eye for detail and imagination for innovation is critical for the role.

Alora is the Ocean Agriculture company, we have designed a way to grow crops in oceanic saltwater. Creating farms floating on the ocean to create truly sustainable agriculture. This is an exciting and dynamic position focused on the future of agriculture. We encourage everyone to bring a unique perspective and all their experience to this skilled role. The successful candidate will have an in-depth understanding of plant biology, that will ideally include plant physiology, knowledge of glasshouse operations and even better experience growing grain crops in glasshouse trials.

Rice is currently the core crop for Alora’s technology, but increasing this to include model organisms such as Brachypodium distachyon or other important crops such as soybean will be a priority.
Additional experimental opportunities include trials investigating diazotrophic nitrogen fixation and optimisation. This is a diverse and exciting role with plenty of opportunity.

We are a startup, born in Yorkshire, shaped in San Francisco, cultivated in Ontario, and returning proudly to our roots in the UK. To all motivated questioners ready to be part of the team working to solve world hunger we look forward to meeting you!

Salary range: £16,900 - £26,000

Location: Norwich, onsite with occasional remote work

On a day-to-day, the primary responsibility of the candidate will be to maintain parallel glasshouse and hydroponic aquaria trials in rice and other priority crops. Including:

  • Repotting regenerated plantlets into soil
  • Germinating seed for planting
  • Recording environmental data such as, pH, salinity, temperature, humidity etc.
  • Co-ordinating with partners at the John Innes Centre to ensure glasshouses are properly maintained for maximum trial effectiveness.
  • Recording growth metrics & data from trials.
  • Taking and preparing tissue samples for RNA & DNA extraction.
  • Measuring and collecting data for seed yield upon completion of trials.
  • Treating seeds for long-term storage after they have been harvested.
  • Collaborating with team members to improve upon trial designs.
  • Cataloguing plants and samples for other team members to continue further experimental phases.
  • Maintain and clean equipment.

Secondary responsibilities include assisting with weekly batches of callus induction and refreshing media for regenerating calli.

Key requirements and skills include:

  • Biosciences, Botany, or related degree, or relevant experience
  • Experience working in a glasshouse or horticultural centre. Bonus if previously worked with rice.
  • Experience of working within a scientific team, bonus but non-essential if this was within a startup environment.
  • Communication skills, both written and oral.
  • Proficiency with data management and excel.
  • Inspired imagination for improving upon concepts, designs & experimental procedures.

Please send an email under the subject: "Field Technician" to wave@alora.world, that includes your CV and either a cover letter or a link to an uploaded up to 2-minute video (either unlisted on YouTube, Google Drive, or similar) sharing why you are interested in ALORA and an introduction to why you are the right person for the role. We look forward to hearing from you!

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